Service Learning

Students will be given an introduction to the service learning assignment before the unit actually begins. The choices available for their service learning will be to volunteer for environmental clean up activities at one of the three local lagoons in Carlsbad, the Carlsbad beach, or one of the Carlsbad parks. Students will be asked to contribute at least one-and- a-half hours of their time to these clean up efforts. The teachers have made advanced arrangements with staff at the service learning locations to ensure that these activities will occur during the ITU time frame. Another option, which may also serve as a differentiation alternative assignment if necessary, is to prepare a program or service at the school to advocate for reusable shopping bags and the recycling of aluminum cans (can be done through the video or posters at the school). Students will sign up for their service learning and will have an opportunity to explore the topic on their own and in their classes before actually carrying out their service learning.

Students will carry out the service learning volunteer assignment on one of the pre-selected locations. Each of the volunteer activities is centered round cleaning up trash in the environmentally sensitive areas. They students will be asked to list and record the types and amounts of trash that they collect in the clean up activities. This information will be used in their final reflective digital portfolio as well as in other in-class activities. The students will reflect on their experiences and what they have learned to the real-world advocacy and how they can make real changes in their community.

Students will be able to volunteer at the Buena Vista Lagoon Nature Center

After finishing their service learning, students will reflect on their experience by writing a reflection paper in English class. They will also create a digital reflection portfolio, which consists of a summary and a reflection of their work and how that work makes a impact on their community. Students must answer the question “How did your work impact the community?” The digital reflection portfolio may be a video reflection or a PowerPoint which includes a voice recording.

Students will share their digital reflection portfolio with other classes. We will encourage students to submit their videos to the STEM contest as a way to reach people outside of the Carlsbad community (see Planet Connects Get Green Video Contest Info)
For those in the Carlsbad area, CHSTV may play the most representative student videos. CHSTV is Carlsbad High School’s broadcasting operation, which airs each day on campus and each month on public television.

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