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Student Descriptions

Whole Class Information
There are 35 students in the class. Twenty-five of the students are Caucasian, eight are Hispanic and two are Asian. There are 19 males and 16 females in the class. Seven students are on free and reduced lunch. Two students are in the ELD program. Two students have an IEP and one student has a 504 plan.
Most students are on reading level. Many of the students are in honors classes. The students seem to be very interested in real-world issues, and are excited about the Green Carlsbad project. They are not familiar with integrated formats and are used to having their different subjects separate. There is a wide variety of learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic. They are fairly technology literate and are excited to use technology to express their ideas and achievements on this project.
For planning the lessons, the team co-teaching approach will be used. Teachers will collaborate their individual lesson plans so they overlap and emphasize different components to Green Carlsbad. For example, students will understand the processing of natural resources in chemistry, how these products pose threats to local environments and species in marine Biology, understand the cost effectiveness of recycling these products in math, and create a written argument to urge green policies in the local community in English.
Students will be working in groups of three to six to create presentations for the class presentations in chemistry and marine science. Teachers will assign groups and IEP and ELD students needing strategic pairing will be accommodated.

Individual Student Information (note: detailed student differentiation strategies available on individual student pages)
Early Intermediate Level English Learner, Age 16, 11th grade
Background - Elena is Mexican American. Her first language is Spanish and her family is upper-middle class.  Her parents are educated professionals, and she has a large extended family. She lives with both her parents and enjoys visiting her grandparents and cousins in Mexico.  She is reserved in class, but is well liked by most students.
Readiness - Elena can read and write at an early intermediate level and needs support reading, writing, and speaking in English. She will substitute Spanish words in her speaking and has trouble with word order and verb tenses.
Learning Profile - Elena is kinesthetic and linguistic. She enjoys group work, but can be shy and may need extra motivation to participate.
Interests - She really enjoys reading in Spanish, especially fiction.  She also enjoys Mexican folklore dancing and visiting her family in Mexico in the summer.
Aspirations - Elena deems it very important to graduate from high school and plans to go to college.

Early Advanced English Language Learner, Age 16, 11th grade.
Background/Readiness - Mina’s first language is Spanish and she speaks it in her home. In a student questionnaire, she described reading and speaking as areas she would like to improve upon. Her CELDT scores are: listening-3, speaking-4, reading-5, writing-3.
Learning Profile - Mina is both a visual and auditory learner. She works well independently because she is able to work at her own pace and doesn’t always enjoy the pressure in groups. She is very quiet, and does not normally volunteer or participate in class discussions.
Interests - Mina really enjoys spending time with her family, hanging out with friends, and playing with her dogs.
Aspirations - Mina wants to go to college so she can become a kindergarten teacher.

IEP for speech and language impairment, Age 16, 11th grade.
Readiness - Kate has been diagnosed with a Speech and Language impairment. She shows evidence of a developmental disability affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction, which adversely affects educational performance and access to the general curriculum. Her parents are most concerned with her social interactions at school with her peers and with her self-esteem.
Learning Profile/Accommodations - To accommodate Kate, teacher-assisted grouping of students in group-work is recommended. Kate should be paired with students whom are patient, less audible and non-confrontational. Kate has a tendency to take offense to disagreements in class discussions, and may take comments personally. Kate has been suspected of having Aspergers, but received conflicting diagnoses from two parent-teacher reports.
Interests/Aspirations - Kate is a friendly and outgoing student. She enjoys math in school, and is also interested in acting.

IEP for learning disabilities in literacy skills, reading and writing, Age 16, 11th grade.

Background - Alex is Caucasian and is an English only speaker. He comes from a middle class home. Alex has Asthma and takes medication daily and uses an inhaler.
Readiness -Alex had difficulty with the development of his early literacy skills, including the acquisition of sound/symbol relationships and word identification, demonstrated in both his reading and writing.  In the second grade, Alex was identified as a student with specific learning disabilities.  Since then, Alex has received special education support primarily in a resource room for language arts, while he is included in the general education curriculum. He is able to independently read text at a 7th grade level and continues to struggle with decoding words
Learning Profile - Alex is an introverted person and prefers intrapersonal work.

504 Plan for Autism, 16 years old, 11th grade.
Background - Mike is a Caucasian and lives with his parents and sister.
Readiness - Reading and writing is at the basic level (according to standardized tests and his own self-evaluation in a student questionnaire). Needs help with organizing his work, focusing when writing, and staying focused with reading and listening.
Learning Profile - Mike is both verbal and kinesthetic. He is very interpersonal and prefers to work with partners or in small groups if possible (can become a problematic situation). He especially enjoys hands-on activities and learning.  
Interests - Mike is interested in video games and sports, especially skating, dirt biking, and longboard surfing.

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