Technology Applications

Learning About Technology

Students will be using a variety of technological tools to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in our classes. Students will be required to use technology to provide visual support to their oral presentations in both chemistry and marine science and for their final Reflective Digital Portfolio. Students will know of these requirements and expectations through classroom discussions and the rubric provided for their Reflective Digital Portfolio.

Their Reflective Digital Portfolio will also require that students familiarize themselves with video equipment and video editing software, such as iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker. According to student surveys that the teachers have collected, most students have completed video projects in classes before and feel comfortable with the technologies available for them at school. For those students who may need more help learning about technology, the teachers will offer after-school help (or help by appointment, if necessary) to help all students familiarize themselves with the new technology. These after-school tutorials will be carried out in the school computer lab.
Additionally, some technology tools will be presented during class instruction in both Chemistry and Marine Science during the second week of the project. The students will be shown how to use PowerPoint, Prezi, Glogster, and Keynote presentation tools. They will be able to use these tools to complete these final projects for these classes. It is important to note that teachers will also utilize technology in the class, in the form of Smart Boards, docu-cams, and use of Internet sites and resources to enhance instruction.  

Application of Technology
  • Students will use technology-based presentation tools to provide a visual aid for their oral presentations in both their Chemistry and Marine Science classes.
  • In Statistics class, students will use the Internet to research statistics on recycling and the economic and environmental impacts of recycling.  
  • As part of their service learning assignment, students will use either video or presentation tools accompanied by voice recordings to create their reflective digital portfolio.
  • Sample video projects may be viewed here. These videos, from last year's Get Green Video Contest, will be provided as a sample for our students. Although our students have additional requirements to meet as part of their digital learning portfolio, these videos will serve as samples of how to approach this project technologically.

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