Unit Differentiation Strategies for Alex

Content/Readiness - Alex needs additional help with the expository vocabulary. Graphic organizers will be provided to assist him with his expository vocabulary development. This may take the form of index card notes in math or vocabulary concept maps in science.
Process/Readiness - Alex will benefit with lectures that provide multiple learning channels, such as having the information provided both through visual means in the form of handouts and overhead presentations, as well as through the auditory channel.
The teachers will need to work with Alex’s resource teachers so that the resource teachers can review or assist him in completing his projects and understanding the content material. This may be especially helpful to him when working on his class presentations and digital portfolio for this ITU. Additionally, Alex may need additional time or resources to complete in-class assignments and tests and these should be provided as needed.
Product/Interests -  Alex should have questions orally asked in class to check his understanding throughout the group discussions.  He may be given extra time to write his journal entry.  Observation of his performance in class will help the teacher determine whether he understands or not.

In addition, Alex benefits from sitting up close to the teachers where they can frequently check and monitor his understanding of content. While Alex does benefit from group work, it is important to monitor him frequently to ensure he is contributing the group discussions and products. It may be helpful to assign his role in the group ahead of time and pair him in groups that will help promote his participation in a friendly and open manner.

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