Unit Differentiation Strategies for Mina

Content/Readiness - Although Mina is performing well in reading, she still needs to develop her writing skill in English. She would benefit from having vocabulary provided in both Spanish and English and, when she is allowed, to use Spanish to reinforce her understanding of concepts in English. Mina should be allowed to make notes in her journal or on graphic organizers in Spanish to assist her in acquiring the expository language in her classes.

Process/Readiness - Lectures in class should be slow with pauses to give her time to process the language. Mina’s listening skills are still low, and this is especially important for her.  Modeling of activities and assignments by the teachers or peers is also very beneficial to help support Mina’s listening skills in English. Additionally, Mina should be provided with written directions, which will reinforce the verbal directions and allows her time to re-read and process the directions on her own.
Group work is very beneficial for Mina, because it gives her opportunities to practice listening and speaking skills in English with her peers. It also allows her to seek help with expository language development. Group work is especially beneficial when she can be paired or placed in a group with a student who is fluent in both English and Spanish and should be arranged if possible. A script for Mina to use

Product/Interest - Mina will mostly be graded on her understanding of content. When grading her work, she will be assessed using the i + 1 model for EL learners in reading, writing, and speaking abilities. During her presentation work, Mina will be given smaller speaking parts within her group. Additionally, teachers will provide one-on-one time to help her practice her speaking and provide feedback on her performance.  The teachers will also work with Mina to provide additional support for her final reflective digital portfolio and will allow her to provide a written copy of her reflection in addition to the video for additional support of her work, if needed. 

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