Unit Differentiation Strategies for Mike

Content/Readiness: Teacher will provide models of written work (by teacher modeling and student examples). Also, explicitly explaining, repeating directions. Having other students paraphrase directions and expectations will be helpful for this student as well. That way, the assignments will be broken up into manageable chunks.

Process/Readiness: During student activities, appoint student as the “leader” in the group who is responsible for the group when working on in-class work. When teacher MBWA, will remind student of his role in the group. This will motivate him to keep the group on track and ensure that they finish. While students work,I will check up on student frequently to ensure progress. Allow Mike (and rest of class) to listen to music when working on independent assignments. Student will sit near the front, next to a more reserved classmate.

Product (assessment): Encourage student to use a checklist to self-assess often. Assessment will take into account oral questioning as well as informal discussions while teacher visited with each group.

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