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Geographic Location

Carlsbad is a coastal city located in North County of San Diego. It is approximately 87 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of San Diego. Its population is 106,804 (

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 39.1 square miles (101 km2) of which 37.7 square miles (98 km2) are land and 1.4 square miles (3.6 km2) are (3.55%) water, the majority of which is contained within three lagoons and one lake.

 Where students live in relation to campus

Carlsbad High School (CHS) is the only high school in the city, so all qualified students living in the area are designated to attend CHS.

Political Climate of Community

All representatives of government at the state and federal levels for the city of Carlsbad are part of the Republican Party. The city’s Cook Partisan Voting index is R+3, meaning it is more likely to vote toward the Republican Party two percentage points more than the national average. The city council consists of an elected mayor and four elected council members. The current mayor is Matt Hall.


School Mission & Teaching Philosophy

As listed on the Carlsbad High School website here, the school mission is:

Carlsbad High School will provide a supportive, engaging and challenging education for every 9th through 12th grade student. Standards-based instruction and materials will be used to promote high levels of student learning in academic areas that include the arts, technology, and vocational skills. Remediation for at-risk students and extensions for advanced learners will be provided. Students, staff, and the larger community will work together to develop an environment where diversity is celebrated. These opportunities will promote supportive, engaging, and challenging avenues that will lead students toward rewarding careers, life-long learning, and a successful quality of life.

School Personnel Information

The CHS staff of 141 teachers, all of whom teach in their credentialed area and 50% of whom hold Masters Degrees, serve a student population of 3100, in grades 9 through 12. In addition, the staff consists of four administrators, six counselors, two school psychologists, an activities director and an athletic director.

·      All teachers hold a full credential and no teachers are teaching out-of-field.

·      Teachers :Staff Service and Experience for 2010-11, CA Dept of Edu
                        -Avg. Years of Service :16.2
                        -Avg. Years in the District: 12.7
                        -Number of 1st Year Staff: 3
                        -Number of 2nd Year Staff: 0
·      Administrators: Staff Service and Experience for 2010-11, CA Dept of Edu
                        -Avg. Years of Service :19.8
                        -Avg. Years in the District: 11.4
                        -Number of 1st Year Staff: 0
                        -Number of 2nd Year Staff: 0

Reputation of School
Carlsbad High School is a California Distinguished School. It’s API score for 2011 was 829. This signifies a of 17 point growth from 2010-2011.

In 2011, 94% of students passed the CAHSEE ELA portion and 93% passed the Math portion. CHS also offers AP courses and administers AP exams every spring, which helps students earn college credit.

Carlsbad High School is also proud of its distinctive curriculum features. These four programs are: Film Academy, Academy Internship Program, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Regional Program, and Career Technical Education.  

Carlsbad high School also had the reputation for having one of the "sickest" skateboard gaps known to man. The picture below shows the "Carlsbad Gap," which even made its way into Tony Hawks Pro Skateboarder II video game! This skate spot was part of the South End of campus which is currently under construction. May the Carlsbad Gap rest in peace.

School Clubs/Programs:
·      Alternative Energy Organization
·      Amateur Scientists
·      AVID
·      Band and Color Guard
·      Drama/Improv Club/ Thespian Society
·      Red Cross Club
·      Robotics Club
·      Science Olympiad
·      Speech and Debate
·      Encuentros
·      Peer Leaders
·      Various Athletics

Campus Architecture
Carlsbad High School is currently undergoing a modernization of the campus. Completion of the modernization is expected in 2012. The goals for the modernization include new buildings, restrooms, parking lot, turf and bleachers, interior structures, film making and newspaper rooms, as well as general reparations and technological upgrades.

New Quad Area

South Side of Campus Still Under Construction
 Newly Completed Renovation, except for the South side cut off to the right.

Participation of Community in School Activities

CHS cites the local Chamber of Commerce, the Carlsbad Education Foundation, the Parent Association as well as business and industry as key community support in CHS activities. School activities such as dances, sports events, competitions, and other extra curricular activities maintain a bond between the school and the community. For example, the Annual Homecoming Day Parade is a community-wide event, where the streets of downtown Carlsbad are closed off while the School's clubs, programs, and Homecoming Royalty perform for and wave to commoners. Watch as much of the 5+ minute video of the 2010 Homecoming Day Parade we found on youtube here

2008 Homecoming King and Queen, Ashston Barbour and Amber Singh

The link between the school and community is also encouraged in students. In order to be eligible for graduation, all students must complete 20 hours of community service.

Student Population Information

Numbers of students served at school

There are approximately 3000 students enrolled at Carlsbad High School.  

Demographic information

Sixty percent of the student population is classified as white non-Hispanic. The second largest ethnic group are Hispanic or Latinos, which make up 26% of the school population. The remaining ethnic groups make up between 1 and 5% of the population and consist of Asians (5%), African American (2%), Native American/Alaska Native (1%), Filipino (1%), Pacific Islander (1%), and two or more races (5%).

Students classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged make up 20 percent of population. Six percent of the students are classified as English Language Learners (ELLs) and 9 percent of the students are identified as having disabilities.

(Demographic Information as per Carlsbad High School, School Accountability Report Card , 2009-2010. School Wise Press, San Francisco, CA)

Students Needing Differentiation

Click here for descriptions of our 5 focus students

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